No Demo Bathroom Remodeling is the most affordable bathroom remodeling company in Phoenix that will save you thousands on your shower or tub remodel. Don't believe other remodeling company's in town who will say the only way to remodel your shower or tub is by expensive demolition, rebuilding, waterproofing and replacing. It's simply no longer true!​​ With No Demo Bathroom Remodeling, there is no need for all of those added costs! All of the demolition, rebuilding, waterproofing and replacing that traditional remodeling companies do,add up to a very big expense. We will save you lots of money on those unnecessary expenses! How do we do it? We apply ECO Prim Grip,a bond promoting primer,on to your existing shower or tub and then we install your new tile right over them! Without a doubt, No Demo Bathroom Remodeling is the most cost effective way to a beautifully remodeled shower or tub. 

We service the entire Phoenix metro area and surrounding suburbs.


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 Standard shower remodel starting at $995     

Installing new tile over your existing tile now has become a reality with the 2012 introduction of MAPEI’s innovative ECO Prim Grip! It's a ready-to-use, bond promoting primer that prepares an existing tile, composite or stone surface to receive a new tile installation without the added expense of demolition, rebuilding, waterproofing and replacing. This high tech,synthetic-resin-based primer enhances the performance of mortars and their adhesion to existing ceramics and other difficult substrates. A surface coated with ECO Prim Grip is then ready for new tile installation within 30 minutes. Low odor and VOC compliance make the product safe for use in occupied interior environments.
Now with No Demo Bathroom Remodeling, there is a much more affordable alternative to traditional shower and tub remodeling companies who insist on expensive demolition, rebuilding, waterproofing and replacing.

 Finally! affordable shower & tub remodeling is here!